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Canada is a captivating country in North America. It has pleasing and gratifying weather, extraordinary cuisine, fascinating places, culture, art, language, history, architecture, and many more. It becomes great tourism and educational option all around the world because of its resplendent advantages. According to QS World University Ranking, 7 of the top 150 universities are Canadian. There are numerous MBA Colleges in Canada with world-class infrastructure, top-notch features, and splendid resources. 

It can be a great destination when you are looking for the best MBA Colleges in Canada for Indian students as Canada provides the most popular master’s program in Management i.e. MBA with brilliant exposure, outstanding opportunities, affordable study, and good living standards for students. Students can learn plenty of new and extraordinary things and solve their organizational problems by studying at the best MBA colleges in Canada. The colleges there not only provide education and opportunities but also a cordial culture to international students. They provide student-friendly behavior to all its students with no biases. Indian and International students looking to get admission to these well-recognized universities in Canada to pursue their MBA degree. Therefore, if you are thinking of moving abroad to Canada, then here is the list of the top 10 MBA colleges in Canada with their ranks, courses, and fees. 

List Of Top 10 MBA Colleges in Canada

Schulich School of Business (York University) 

MBA Colleges in Canada: Schulich School of Business Logo
Schulich School of Business Logo

It is awarded position 1 by the prestigious Economist, Forbes, and CNN in terms of best colleges for MBA in Canada. It is the business school of York University located in Toronto, Ontario, Canada. It has notable faculty and alumni that make this college a well-renowned and significant one. It offers courses like Full-time MBA (in 18 specializations), Part-time MBA, MBA/Juris Doctor, Executive MBA, MBA/MFA(Combined), MBA/MA, and International MBA. Many students get attractive and well-paid jobs right after graduating here. This university will also provide impressive scholarships.   

Global Rank: 40

1st Year Fee: 10,000 CAD

Rotman School of Management, University of Toronto

Rotman School of Management, Toronto is the best MBA college in Canada which provide you with ample amount of opportunities to accelerate and transform your future. It is located at the heart of the University of Toronto’s downtown. It offers various MBA programs like full-time MBA, Morning and Evening MBA, Executive MBA, Global Executive MBA, and Joint MBA Programs. You must fulfill the admission requirements to get admission to this college. Many students choose to live and study in Canada and they have quite impressive experiences there. You will also get mentored by top faculty. 

Global Rank: 79                                                                 

1st Year Fee: 92,540 CDA

Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

top MBA colleges in Canada with fee structure: Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University
Desautels Faculty of Management, McGill University

Desautels Faculty of Management, founded in 1906 is ranked one of the top MBA colleges in Canada with fee structure and one of Canada’s best-known institutions. It ensures an inclusive culture for all the students and faculties. They are committed to advancing diversity, variety, and inclusion to better serve the world. It offers both UG and Graduate programs like Bachelor of Commerce, MBA, MMA, MMF, MMR, etc. It also offers executive/corporate programs like International Masters for Health Leadership and programs for Operations excellence. 

Global Rank: 90

1st Year Fee: 99,500 CAD

Ivy Business School, University of Western Ontario

Ivy Business School, University of Western Ontario Logo
Ivy Business School, University of Western Ontario

Ivy Business school Is one of the best colleges for MBA in Canada. They act strategically and try to transform society through impactful research and transformative learning experiences. They offer many courses like HBA, MSC, MBA, MMA, Ph.D., etc. This institution has made an international image for its teaching and research excellence and the high caliber of its student and faculty. 

It is an incredible school with top-notch faculty and an amazing alumni connection which further paved the way in your journey. If you are looking for MBA college in Canada for Indian students, then Ivey is the best choice for you. 

Global Rank: 94

1st-year fee: 83,250 CAD

Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia

Best MBA College in Canada: Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia
Sauder School of Business, University of British Columbia

This University has been ranked repeatedly among international research business institutions and maintains a worldwide reputation in terms of top MBA colleges in Canada. They have Abhay Jain to make the world a better place by inspiring thousands and thousands of students From Canada and over 140+ countries worldwide. UBC provides 254 UG and 244 PG programs in Business, Engineering Science, etc. It offers courses like full-time MBA, Accelerated MBA, MBA direct for HBAs, and executive MBA. If you fulfill all the basic requirements and criteria then you will eligible for this university. 

Global Rank: 84

Fee: 1,06,500 CAD

Smith school of business at Queen’s University

MBA College in Canada: Smith school of business at Queen’s University Logo
Smith school of business at Queen’s University Logo

It is one of the most demanding institutions os Canada as it provides you with the top leadership skills to reinvent yourself as a top business leader. It provides full-time MBA which is designed to develop exceptional leaders and valuable team members. Additionally, it also offers a course executive MBA that is designed for working managers and executives. You will also get compensated well for your work and they also offer additional training to move your career forward. 

Global Rank: 100

Fee: 85,000 CAD

University of Alberta

Top MBA College in Canada: University of Alberta
University of Alberta Logo

The University of Alberta offers the best MBA and master’s programs which bring together world-class faculty with the best and brightest students. It has a top-class infrastructure campus and courses with excellent teachers. Many renowned alumni are graduated from this University and are doing wonders in their life. It offers MBA and Executive MBA. Established in the year 1908 this research university offers more than 200 undergraduate and 500 graduate programs. It is also one of the top 5 research universities in Canada. 

Global Rank: 110

Fee: 16,520 CAD

HEC Montreal

 Best MBA colleges in Canada for Indian Students: HEC Montreal
HEC Montreal Logo

It is one of the best MBA colleges in Canada for Indian Students. The UK-based Higher Education Academy awarded McMaster the Global Teaching Excellence Award to this institution for its excellent and outstanding performance in terms of MBA in Canada. It is also known as the world’s top university for research and innovation. They created a friendly and welcoming environment to help them in their future endeavors. You can use your valuable experience and McMaster education to start your career anywhere you wanted to. It offers the courses like full-time MBA and Executive MBA. 

Global Rank: 151

Fee: 13,000 CAD

John Molson School Of Business

top MBA colleges in Canada with fee structure: John Molson School Of Business Logo
John Molson School Of Business Logo

John Molson School of Business is regarded as a good option for MBA in Canada. It provides a research environment and professional business education. John Molson inspires you to reach beyond the commonplace and helps you to get your dream job. It offers 10 undergraduate and 8 postgraduate programs like a bachelor’s degree, Master of Science in Finance, Master of Science in Management, Master of Science and management, etc. The expert team will help to start your academics by guiding you throughout your journey. If you are looking for top MBA colleges in Canada with fee structure then John Molson will be a good place for you. 

Global Rank: 131-140

Fee: 47,900 CAD

Dalhousie University

best MBA Colleges in Canada for Indian students: Dalhousie University Logo
Dalhousie University Logo

It is located in Nova Scotia, Canada with 4 campuses in Halifax and Truro. This institution is a combination of innovative research, meaningful teaching, and a deep sense of social responsibility. It ranked one among the top 15 universities in Canada by Times Higher Education. It will offer you 200+ degree programs and 13 academic faculties and a 15000+ alumni community. You’ll discover very cordial people, a picturesque landscape, and a stunning environment. Courses offered by Dalhousie University include full-time MBA and online MBA programs. 

Global Ranking: 301-350

Fee: 12647 CAD

FAQs Related To The Top 10 Colleges Of MBA In Canada

Why study MBA in Canada?

Canada is a cost-effective country and is one of the strong economies in the world. As it is a welcoming country, one can easily settle in Canada. Additionally, MBA in Canada will open up many opportunities and exposure to you. You will also get a practical approach to different things. 

What are the requirements for MBA in Canada?

-One has to complete one’s bachelor’s degree from a recognized university. 
-Valid score on GMAT is mandatory. 
-Relevant work experience according to the requirements. 

Which specialization is best for MBA? 

MBA in Analytics
MBA in Finance and Marketing
MBA in Human resources
MBA in IT system

What are the opportunities after MBA in Canada?

Financial Manager, Financial Analyst, Sales Manager, Chief Economist Officer, etc. 

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